Beta Reading

You’ve written a thing. It could be an essay, a novel, a short story, a biography, a memoir, a blog post… even a letter. You feel like it’s done, you may have worked with a developmental editor and perhaps even have had line edits already, but you want another set of eyes, just one more opinion, before it goes out in the world. This is a job for a beta reader.

Beta reading by a professional can not only provide feedback to help smooth out rough edges, but also it can help you identify your ideal readers, so you know where to market. Beta readers can give feedback about loose ends, plot holes, and general readability, taking into account your audience’s viewpoint.

Beta readers may possess an editor’s eye, but beta reading will not get you editorial feedback. Click here if you would like more information on editing services.

Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity readers very commonly work in the beta-reading world, but can be consulted while your work is still in draft form. Sensitivity readers look at your work with attention to specific topics that may be sensitive or are otherwise at risk of being found inappropriate. Topics for which I do focused sensitivity reading are LGBTQ+ topics / sexuality / gender identity & presentation / feminism & gendered language and roles / mental health. I am also knowledgeable about general healthcare/disease topics and disability.

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